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ROM custom [G935F] FULL N7 Rom Port sur votre S7 Edge

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Installer la rom FULL N7 Rom Port sur le S7 Edge



img_-1432051374-U3.pngScreen :

145537771.jpg 304488412.png 782568393.jpg

img_-1432052043-U3.pngDescription :


New Anti Kang (Special thanks To aurora team )
Kernel Jesse Kernel Added Mods For N7 Boot From me thanks @jesec
Full N7 ported rom
New V2 RomControl ( Special thanks to @daxgirl and @Wuby986 )
Moded Launcher Colorized
Moded Launcher Flick up to kill process
Modded Launcher gestures in rc
Added Whitepages /identify unsaved numbers
Animation Scaling to .25
Full Reboot Menu Control - choose to go from old style to new style ( special thanks goes to aurora team for this )
Added Outdoor Mode
Lockscreen Clock Mods
Enable TouchKey light duration in settings
Number of Quick Settings Shown
Remove high volume warning for headphones
USB Plug/Unplug disable wake up with toggle in RomControl
Disable EndCall Screen time in rc
Music/Volume Skip Mod
Added permanent non-removable notification into Removable notification
Enabled All apps multiwindow
Added Quicklauncher in recents app toggle in rc
Expanded view background colors with toggles
Open all toggles in the Quickpanel swipe from the right side of the screen with toggle
virtual lock button
Rounded Notifications
Next alarm on the lock screen
Rounded recent panel view
Full Clock mods
How to add networkspeed seperate in/out with colorizer and switch on/off
Lock Screen visible notifications in real time with toggle
toggle between 3minit Battery Mod and Stock battery
Quickpanel Toggle on/off colors
Custom Carrier Label + Color
virtual Lock button with RCToggle
color Data Usage text
lockscreen fonts mod
Hide the multi-user avatar with a toggle
Phone Info
CSC tweaks
And guys theres so much more i cant remember 

img_-1432061617-U3.pngConfiguration & Installation :

- Avoir installé les drivers USB fournis avec le mobile.

- Avoir installé le mode recovery sur son téléphone

- Téléchargez la rom

Connectez votre mobile à votre ordinateur.

- Copiez/collez les fichiers .zip sur votre carte SD Externe

- Démarrez votre téléphone en mode recovery

- Wipe ("advanced wipe" > select "dalvik cache", "cache", "data" and "system")

- Flashez la Rom

- Reboot.

Téléchargement :



Source merci à sac23

J'attends vos retours

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