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ROM custom [SM-G920F] X_FAM Rom MM sur Samsung Galaxy S6

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Installer la rom X_FAM sur le S6



img_-1432051374-U3.pngScreens :

264086641.jpg 919845112.png 971157543.png

img_-1432052043-U3.pngDescription :

Stable, fast & smoot !
Includes ported apps from N7!
Stock Kernel Support
De-knoxed fully
Fully deodex version
Latest SuperSu v2.76
Busybox v1.24.2

ROM features :

Manual Brightness Fix in Mods
Signal, wifi and alarm statusbar icons changed
Build.prop TWEAKS for battery and gaming
Fast bootup animation
Battery Friendly
Many Grace UX Apps
Light Debloat
S7 Sounds and some of my personal ones
Support Edge Panel fully
Added "only once / always" buttons
5-way reboot menu
Disabled high volume warning with headphones
Disabled secure storage
Disable signature check for any apps
Enable all multiwindow apps
Enable app lock settings in smart menager
Enable S7 game launcher and galaxy labs
Enable call recording
Enable call/message block menu in settings and smart menager
Enable camera shutter sound option
Enable Out-door mod
Enable display scaling in settings
Enable floating messages
Enable receive MMS without mobile data on
Enable touchkey light duration in settings
Nice & Funny boot animation on startup
Faster window animation scales
Fstrim command
Private mode fixed
Removed gray status bar for power saving mode
Removed unlock help text on lockscreen for en-us, en-gb, fr-fr
Screen mirroring fix
SView Cover fixed
Rounded notification & recent panel
Recent RAM info in recent panel
Added supersu link in settings

img_-1432061617-U3.pngConfiguration &Installation :

- Avoir installé les drivers USB fournis avec le mobile.

- Avoir installé le mode recovery sur son téléphone

Connectez votre mobile à votre ordinateur.

- Copiez/collez le fichier .zip sur votre carte SD Externe ou à la racine de votre mémoire interne.

- Démarrez votre téléphone en mode recovery

- Swipe to factory reset

- Flashez la Rom

- Reboot

Téléchargement :


rom & extras

Source merci à ryan42680

J'attends vos retours

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