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Installer la rom CRISSCROSS MM sur le S6



img_-1432051374-U3.pngScreens :

61352063s1.png 76246465s2.jpg 11159874s3.png 58889699s4.jpg

40049726s5.png 75459672s6.png 61252295s7.jpg 52114088s8.png

35855236s9.png 438410s10.jpg 956920s11.png

img_-1432052043-U3.pngDescription :

Model SM-G925F
Model name Galaxy S6 edge

- Removed Alpha Channel from status bar icons
- led indicator settings in settings/display
- option to deactivate systemapps
- Increased number of favorite apps in settings from 9 to 12
- Disable Signature Check for apps
- activated mod for installing Old App Versions Over Newer
- added Toolbox with 12 Apps support Thx @daxgirl
- Wifi CallingSupport
- VoLTE Support
- extra toggles for Toolbox, MultiWindow and Screenshot
- Private Mode fix
- removed Low Battery Warning Notification
- rounded recent panels
- "only once / always" to select when the task application "Open With"
- Open all toggles in the Quickpanel with swipe from on right side of the screen (without double swipe)
- next alarm on lockscreen on crisscross statusbars
- outdoor mode in settings-display
- removed grey statusbar color if battery safe mode is activated
- set default animation speed of all three values to 0,25
- Touch key duration time (Settings-display-touch key duration time)
- Display scaling options in settings (SETTINGS-DISPLAY-DISPLAY SCALING)
- RomControl app (GitHub Sources here)
- Disabled EndCall Screen
- 6 toggles in a row in expanded statusbar view
- Disabled wake up by plug in/out of usb
- Removed high volume warning by using headphones
- All apps multiwindow
- 5-Way reboot menue
- screenrecord and screenshot to reboot menue
- Deodex file system
- Busybox V1.24.1 included
- Custom boot- and shutdownanimation (thx @pas2001 for his great work)
- Aroma manager (thx @amarullz)
- SamsungSans Light Edition V2 with 21 fonts (thx @Winb33)
- CSC feature to enable second site to smartmanager
- CSC feature to enable call block menue in settings
- CSC feature to enableshuttersound option in camera settings
- CSC feature to enable callrecord
- CSC feature to disable SMS to MMS converting
- CSC feature to show NFC Icon if on in statusbar
- CSC feature to enable Auto Data connect to send and recieve MMS without Toogle Data
- CSC feature to enable Black list in Stock Message settings
- CSC feature to enable Save/Restore in Stock Message
- CSC feature to force smartmanager secure to save
- CSC feature to enable Support Recent App Protection
- CSC feature to show Data usage in expanded SystemUI near brightness auto check
- CSC feature toenable LTE only mode
- build.prop tweak for a faster boot- and shutdown animation
- build.prop tweak to remove ring delay
- build.prop tweak for power saving
- build.prop tweak to remove Knox from About Device info
- build.prop tweak to remove no sim card in phone message
- build.prop tweak to fix black screen after call
- build.prop tweak for google DNS
- build.prop tweak for 3G signal optimization
- build.prop tweak for internet speed enhancement
- build.prop tweak to fix app issues
- build.prop tweak to improve voice call clarity
- build.prop tweak to disable android device check in
- build.prop tweak for faster scrolling
- build.prop tweak for Wifi fix that dont forget passwort

img_-1432061617-U3.pngConfiguration &Installation :

- Avoir installé les drivers USB fournis avec le mobile.

- Avoir installé le mode recovery sur son téléphone

Connectez votre mobile à votre ordinateur.

- Copiez/collez le fichier .zip sur votre carte SD Externe ou à la racine de votre mémoire interne.

- Démarrez votre téléphone en mode recovery

- Swipe to factory reset

- Flashez la Rom

- Reboot

Téléchargement :



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