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Wasa and new mark costs?

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Does anyone think the change of the cost of wasa from combat to PvP marks helped the fact that it ruins balance and is OP at all? I think it only made things worse. Sure, people can't spam Wasa anymore like before but it is still broken and the best players have no trouble getting masses of PvP marks but things look different for the plebs and people with limited time. So just like the new victory mark for top nations it is supposed to be a incentive to fight but in reality it only allows the top dogs to snowball out of control while the losers and underdogs starve to death while banging their heads against superior ships... so please can anyone explain the logic to me here? 
The way to incentivise people to fight for something they want is definitely not to make them fight the strongest with superior gear with the carrot on the stick being said gear, that's nonsense and eliminates balance and enjoyable gameplay. The way to go would be rewards that do not affect combat directly and do not give the winner even more advantage. Something like ships that are special but not straight superior. Even better would be purely cosmetic. Why can't we have paints back as RvR and PvP reward? If you would make paints untradable and only available for PvP marks on the PvP server ( obviously combat marks on the PvE server ), THAT's how you get people to PvP. 

I mean, why not? Help me understand...

Please help.
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