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Best Problem Solving RPG?

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Just in case I have left some of you feeling that I only care for the high-drama style RPGs, I wanted to clarify a bit and ask a question.
I love mysteries and problem solving. The thing is that presenting a framework under which to make the proper assumptions to solve a problem in a game is extremely difficult. For example, there's a murder in London, and we've found several pieces of evidence.
How do we make a rational conclusion? 
It turns out that the correctness of any conclusion we make with these clues depends entirely on how well we know the setting. Is there magic present? Different conclusion. Is magic rare and practiced only by the aristocracy? Different conclusion.
Worse, if the setting is based on the real world, our accuracy depends entirely on what the GM knows about it, and what we think the GM knows about it. We can't just apply our knowledge of the real world to solve these problems because they were constructed using the GM's knowledge of the real world, not ours.
Now a lot of you have shown interest in this kind of playstyle as well, but I have never had any luck with it, primarily due to the problems I listed. Which systems do you use to play games like this, and how do you get past those issues above?

Please help.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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